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Episode #003: Tackling Debt with Janette Tucker of JT Finance Plus


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Welcome to episode three of our podcast series! Today we’re talking Debt with Janette Tucker of JT Finance Plus. Whether you have a large debt or a small debt – it is about getting aware and doing something about it. Remember there is always a way to the other side and a support team you can reach out to! The thing is to just get started now.

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Featured 10thousandgirl guest: Janette Tucker
Janette was born in Wagga Wagga and has spent all her working life in the city. She is a registered Justice of the Peace and a past President of the Wagga Wagga Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Her background comes from 16 years in the fast food industry and 12 years in the Real Estate industry before entering into the finance world in 1999 under the banner of Janette Tucker Finance Plus. Janette has a  positive and persistent approach to her business and is proud of the  many industry awards that recognise her efforts in the finance industry. In 2010 she obtained her Real Estate License and in 2011 her Australian Credit License, JTFP offers Debt Management Services, Investment Property Sales, Mortgages, Car and Equipment Finance, Deposit Bonds plus much more.

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10thousandgirl’s Zoe featured as a Business Ninja of the Week


Iolanthe Gabrie of Ruby Slipper Consulting recently interviewed Zoe for her great blog. Iolanthe interviews ‘Business Ninjas’ each week and shares their stories.

‘This week we are proud to interview Zoe Lamont of 10thousandgirl fame. Make sure you take time to read Zoe’s story, especially if you are a) a girl and b) wanting to be like Beyonce and be an ‘independent woman’. In fact, Ruby Slipper have a client giveaway to join Zoe when she’s in your town for a Life Planning Workshop. The perfect way to get your 2011 off to a cracking start. Here’s the G-O on 10thousandgirl.’ read the rest of the interview


What would you do if money wasn’t an issue?


Victoria Craw has a degree in Political Science and English and is currently based in Sydney as a finance writer. Victoria has also worked as a foreign exchange writer in London, a journalist in Samoa and at a winery in a small corner of New Zealand. Described as a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ she occupies her time reading, writing and thinking about how to finance the next trip overseas. Read her personal blog at

Such a huge, exciting and un-nerving question…Nowadays, finance and money plays such a huge role in our lives. While they can be stressful and frustrating, understanding your finances properly can allow you to make choices. Always a good thing right?

Yet figures consistently show that people, women in particular, often put their money in the ‘too hard’ or ‘too boring’ basket and do their best to forget about the issue.

Recently I went to a 10thousandgirl workshop which was packed with creative, talented women who wanted to realise their dream. They just needed to take the first step.

As an avid reader of art and design blogs, I always admire those that have been able to turn their passion into a productive reality. So to inspire myself and others, here’s the first in a series of short Q&As with other women as they explain how they took the nerve-wracking first steps to getting out there on their own.

Renee is a tremendously talented illustrator, designer, artist, stylist and photographer living in Sydney. As well as running an online shop and vintage store, Renee recently moved to working freelance and you can see her work on her website and browse her lovely blog.

A massive thank you to Renee for taking the time to answer these questions. Make sure you contact her if you are ever in need of a designer!

What’s a typical day for you?

I guess being a “freelancer”, my days are not often typical. I do try and create a bit of a routine of waking up early, getting into my email that need actioning first thing and checking if I have any deadlines. I would hardly say that I have a 9-5 working day, more like 24 hours! Sometimes I find myself checking my email in my sleep. But for the most part I try and keep up to date on “admin” type tasks, so when the creative urge hits (sometimes at 2am!) I can get onto it! (just for fun, here is a little “day tripper” story I did for Elle Girl Korea!)

What do you love most about your work?

The wonderful amazing people I get to meet along the way. Being a freelancer can be “lonely” but I have never found myself feeling that way. It also helps when you are dealing with people who are passionate and love their jobs.

What inspired you to take the plunge and start your own business?

I guess I have always been inspired to do such a thing, and it isn’t something that I really dove into, more something that has been a gradual thing that has evolved over time. Starting with working on business things “after hours” while managing a full time job, to slowly making the shift into working for myself… I have always had my eye on the goal, it is just a matter of taking the steps to get there… eventually.

Were there any major challenges along the way?

Of course. There always is, and I still wouldn’t say that I am “there” yet either. There isn’t just a day where life just goes “pop” and says “you have a successful business now, enjoy”. It is a constant challenge and a lot of hard, but rewarding work.

Do you have any advice for young women looking to do the same thing?

Take your time. Think things through. Don’t rush. Consider all options.

Can you recommend any great sources of support or information?

I don’t think there is any one hub, especially online as everything is always evolving, moving and growing. There are SO MANY great blogs out their, full of information and inspiration. Try, and

Thanks so much Renee!

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