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How to feel more productive and boost your confidence


There is one small activity I do on a regular basis that makes a huge difference to my self-belief. It is the act of noting down, in one place, all the tasks I have accomplished during the previous week – both on a personal and professional level. A Week In Review!

For so many of us the weeks fly by and when someone asks us what we’ve been up to we draw a blank…Can you relate? Sometimes you may even beat yourself up because you feel that you’ve not achieved much during the last seven days.

This simple activity will only take you about 10 minutes a week and is one that makes such an impact. It helps:

  • build momentum;
  • gives you a moment to reflect on the week;
  • helps you remember what you have actually done;
  • see if you’ve done the tasks that bring you closer to your goals and aims;
  • gives you a boost to do more in the upcoming week;
  • reminds you that you do have the capabilities to do what you need to (self-belief and self-confidence);
  • and inspires increased productivity.

How To Do Your Week In Review

  1. Put aside 10 minutes at a regular time during the week. I prefer to do it on Friday afternoons.
  2. Have your to do list and diary on hand. It helps if you use some sort of scheduler to remind you of some of the bigger things you did this week.
  3. Choose a place to write up your list. I write mine on my blog. You may just want to keep a document on your computer. Write it down though! It doesn’t have as much impact if you just keep in in your head.
  4. Write down your dot points. Keep it short and sweet – it is easier to maintain. You may have things that are quite big or things that are quite small. For example:
  • Caught up with the girls
  • Cleaned the house
  • Completed website copy draft
  • Went to the gym x3
  • Cooked 4x healthy dinners
  • Read a book
  • Spoke to boss about raise
  • Counselled colleague
  • Sold couch on ebay
  • Volunteered at school
  • Browsed bookshop

5. Read over it one more time. Pat yourself on the back and see what the process has done for yo

Go on, give it a go and make it part of your routine.

Arienne is the content manager for 10thousandgirl and head she at Savvy Sassy She where she muses about life and wants to help everyone wake up to the lives they love and start living it now. A lover of lists , she is one of those people that does something that wasn’t on the daily to do then goes and writes it on just so she can cross it off.

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Story of a Girl – Chloe Chapman


Name: Chloe Chapman
Attended: Sydney Life Planning Workshop, May 2011

I wanted to become a 10thousandgirl because…
1. I was in need of some support/guidance with my finances (to encourage me to begin a budget and ultimately a saving plan!
2. I had 10thousand ideas flying around in my mind in relation to a new project / potential business, so needed a kick start in developing some achievable goals/ plans to move my ideas forward  into ‘reality’

My greatest achievements so far are…
Since the course I have set up a budget for myself and my partner (have cut back massively on our spending once we broke it down and realised how ridiculous some of our spending habits were) We now have a savings account set up, with a fair amount already saved and regular deposits being made.  We are aiming to reach a certain figure within approx a year’s time, for a deposit for a house.

I have attended two different furniture restoration/refurbishment courses and have a clearer idea of the direction I want to take with my “dream furniture business” We have purchased several pieces of furniture to renovate and have had two successful sales! Not a bad start.

My greatest achievements since I joined 10thousandgirl…
My greatest achievement, aside from the above, has been my positive change in my frame of mind and having the confidence to start the ball rolling and making things happen!

My day job (which is NOT my dream career) has become literally that, a “day job” and I have been able to continue on working towards everything that will hopefully bring me long term happiness and fulfil my dreams.

My attitude towards my current job has changed dramatically.  I work hard, but do not bring my work home with me, which has allowed me to clear my mind and focus on moving forward with the furniture.

My personal goals for the next 12 months are…
Obtain my permanent residency in Australia
Attend two further courses (1 in upholstery and 1 other in either starting up a business or another furniture related course)
We’ve sold a total a further 12 pieces of furniture, (averaging sales of $150 and $250)
Become “planning manager” in order to help achieve my financial/saving goal
Register the business! 
To increase my level of fitness, general health and wellbeing.  Be 55kgs, slim and bouncing with energy (with flawless skin!)

My financial goals for the next 12 months are…
I am debt free by my birthday Jan 2012
To have at least $15,000 saved (enough for half a deposit for a home)

In 3-5 years I’ll…
Own a property (location yet to be decided- 2 would be better!)
Have at least one child (2 would also be better)!
Have the furniture business set up and running (with potentially a small shop, offering a service to “funk up furniture”)
Be fit, healthy with a fantastic work-life balance

And financially, in 3-5 years I’ll be…
The only debt I will have will be a mortgage
Earning enough from the business (possibly part time work) coupled with my partner’s income to support a family (comfortably) ?  Not sure on an exact figure?!!
Savings to allow yearly holidays for the family

The very first steps I’m going to take right now are…
-    Book 1st course this weekend
-    Read up on all info for permanent residency (which a friend has just passed over to me and get things started) I am going on holiday in 2 weeks, so want to have the initial application started before I leave
-    Myself and partner are calling a “business meeting” this weekend to discuss the plans going forwards, ie. A set of goals to aim to complete x no. Of pieces of furniture by a certain date and also to discuss what action/research needs to be done in order to start up a small business.

This is where you can find more about me
Check out Seller “cherry-life” for latest funked up masterpieces
The first 2….

My extra bit
Would highly recommend this workshop  to ANYONE that just needs a kick start with anything.  I can honestly say that without thinking too much about it, I can slowly see everything that I set out as personal/financial goals beginning to happen and dreams slowly becoming true.  Once you have ironed everything out on paper and visually the rest is easy. Thank you 10thousandgirls ten thousand times over for helping me believe in myself. 



Dreams are wonderful things to have. They push us out of what exists right now to a place where anything is possible.  Dreams give us hope, motivation and inspire us to move forward.

Daydreams by themselves are lovely and wonderful but they can be just that, daydreams – figments of our imagination that often become nothing more than fleeting fancies. There is no clear action or momentum behind them to turn them into a reality.

On the other hand ‘Daredreams’, a term coined by 10thousandgirl muskateer Jo Balfour, are dreams turned into goals via action. These are visions that individuals are creating that will transpire at some chosen point in the future. Being a Daredreamer means dreaming big, crafting ‘INSPIRE’ goals, creating action plans and carrying them out step by step.

‘INSPIRE’ goals are those that are:

I.nteresting Do they inspire me? Take my interest?

N.ew Are they new? Something I haven’t done before?

S.pecific Do they specify when to start/stop/celebrate?

P.roductive Will they get me somewhere?

I. can do it On a scale of 1-10, can I do it?

R.ewarding Will others benefit?

E.xpansive Will they challenge me? Take me to a new place?

At our recent International Women’s Day event, 10thousandgirl announced that 2011 is your year, the Year of the Daredreamer. It’s your year to dare to dream the life you really want to live; and make it happen.

Daredreamer postcards were handed out to the attendees to fill in their personal Daredream. 10thousandgirl then collected them to send back via that almost forgotten medium, the postal service.

Some wonderful responses received from the line:

2011 was the year my most daring dreams came to life.  As I look back, some of the highlights were…” included:

“I stopped living paycheck to paycheck and have $5000 saved.”

“I got married! Together with my new husband we bought our second property.”

“This year I have taken control of my personal finances and was proactive in charting strategic career goals for myself over the next 3 years.”

“Earning $500/month in first 6 months of starting my own business.”

“I set my goal to holiday in NYC for a white christmas by Dec 2012 with my new adorable partner.”

“I bought my first property and built a strong friendship group whilst maintaining health and fitness.”

”I reached my goal to have helped 200 people transform their lives by Dec 2011.”

So Daredreamer extraordinaire…what are you Daredreaming for your 2011?

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