How 10thousandgirl works

If 10thousandgirl was a cake it would be made with an efficient model and be filled with creativity, trust and generosity berries - dusted with a sprinkling of magic (how to make magic; mix a plan with hard work, good intention and fabulous people).

10thousandgirl is a social business that aims to improve the financial literacy of 10,000 young Australian women to inspire them to pursue their life plan with a confidence and independence backed by financial security. In the process of increasing individual wellbeing and strenthening our national economy, young women involved in the campaign contribute to the health and sustainability of our global economy.

The aim is to inspire a ripple effect.

10000 GirlsWhen a girl becomes inspired, when she knows where she’s heading and how to get there, her life opens up with new possibility and in turn she is able to help others open theirs. As government, business and community partners support each girl to go through the program, a contribution of course fees provide microloans for women around the world to launch their own businesses, contributing to our global economic wellbeing and international security: the ripple, rippling on.

Investing time, skills and resources in 10thousandgirl is investing in a new and efficient model for high impact-long lasting community owned social and economic progression.

When every girl has a plan, and the means to achieve it, the world will be a mindful, inspired and progressive place. With ethical partners, sustainable messages, educational modules based on basic principles and a smart and evolving team of experts and volunteers, 10thousandgirl aims to change the way the world, young women especially, see and do finance forever.

Finance until now has been a dry topic.

With experts, writers, coaches and community, industry and government support, 10thousandgirl brings personal finance to life. We’ve made the process of creating a life plan and getting your personal financial system on track informative, engaging and fun, helping to inspire young women to lead empowered and industrious lives.


The 10thousandgirl Campaign makes finance interesting.

Girls have all the skills to be savvy investors: they are natural networkers, good listeners and have strong intuition. They’ll read widely on topics they find interesting and according to the Women’s Financial Literacy Report by WIRE, ‘women want to learn in steps and understand the language in a safe environment.’

Workshops, Webinars and the 10thousandgirl Personal Finance Program delivered through ‘bookclub-like’ GIGs (Girl Investment Groups) brings finance to life and starts this Ripple Effect of women’s financial empowerment in motion.

Whether you’re a girl looking for some fun and direction with your personal finances, or a business or community group looking to support young women in your community and beyond, we look forward to making waves together.

Contact us to become further involved or for national partnership enquiries.

Life Planning Workshop

Get a life and finance makeover ..and a beauty makeover! The first series of one day Life Planning Workshops are being held at Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy venues in capital cities from February to June 2010.

More info and register now

Personal Finance Program

Find out more about the one year Personal Finance Program. Available from June 2010, we're looking for girls to jump on the boat early. Provide feedback on each of the modules and receive your program free!

Click here for more info

Share Your Inspiration

Get involved in the discussion! Looking to build your writing portfolio? We're looking for active blog contributors with all kind of fun and exciting rewards and incentives, you'll play an integral part in collating stories and helping us all stay in tune and inspired.
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