Who is 10thousandgirl for?

Are you on a mission to get ahead? Or would you like to be…

10thousandgirl is for creative and proactive Australian women open to change and looking to bring finance to life. Imagine a confident, proud, self assured, focussed you, full of  inspiration and possibility for what’s to come. You may already be there, you may be on your way there, you may be going other places. Wherever you are, you already have the ability to get you where you’d like to be.

10thousandgirl_PiscesAre you?

  • Constantly kicking yourself for not having the funds or clarity to do what you really want in life?
  • Lacking the commitment, know-how or inner confidence to save for the lifestyle you dream of down the track?
  • Ever look at those other ‘lucky ones’ and wonder how they do it?
  • Have you ever complained about life, work or not having enough money in general?
  • Are you a fun young lady loving to get loose, but at the same time wants to knuckle down and plan for the future?
  • Are you looking to be involved in something bigger?
  • Do you get the feeling there’s something else you could be doing but just can’t pinpoint your next direction yet?
  • Do you just want to get ahead?

10thousandgirl is for any girl who’s looking to learn, share, meet new people and feel on top of life, while making a difference at the same time. You’ll be sure to learn something interesting, meet someone new and delve into a new realm of ideas for your next phase.

Whether you are:

  • Carrying some debt
  • Have some money tucked away
  • Have investments well underway
  • Like to feel confident and secure in your decisions

10thousandgirl is for girls who are looking to make their life plans happen and their money matters smooth. Find out more about joining the campaign and setting up a GIG (Girl Investment Group).

Life Planning Workshop

Get a life and finance makeover ..and a beauty makeover! The first series of one day Life Planning Workshops are being held at Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy venues in capital cities from February to June 2010.

More info and register now

Personal Finance Program

Find out more about the one year Personal Finance Program. Available from June 2010, we're looking for girls to jump on the boat early. Provide feedback on each of the modules and receive your program free!

Click here for more info

Share Your Inspiration

Get involved in the discussion! Looking to build your writing portfolio? We're looking for active blog contributors with all kind of fun and exciting rewards and incentives, you'll play an integral part in collating stories and helping us all stay in tune and inspired.
Contact us for more information

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    Are you planning to lodge your 2013/2014 tax return online?

    6th Jun 2014

    Did you know that from 1 July, you will be able to do this using the newly launched myGov online service?

    Life Is Beautiful. Stop And See

    20th May 2014

    Sometimes it’s not about starting something, it’s about stopping. Full article on LifeBuzz. Here’s the highlights – we’ve added an exercise for each idea to get your started. What # rings true for you? #1. Stop spending time with the wrong people. EX: Identify someone you spend time with who drains your energy. Unless they [...]

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    Our goal is to raise $1 million to support women in developing countries to launch their own business... this is the ripple effect.