So how do a bunch of smart gregarious girls come together to talk about money and finance?

The following findings are from focus groups of income-earning Australian women in their 20s-30s held over 2009.

The girls all said YES to at least one of the questions below: 

  • Constantly kicking yourself for not having the funds to do what you really want in life?
  • Lacking the commitment, know-how or inner confidence to save for the lifestyle you dream of down the track?
  • Ever look at those other ‘lucky ones’ and wonder how they do it?
  • Have you ever complained about life, work or not having enough money in general?
  • Are you a fun young lady loving to get loose, but at the same time wants to knuckle down and plan for the future?
  • Do you just want to get ahead?

Most importantly, we all wanted to do something about it!

So thank you girls for your time and contributions. Now let’s take a look at what was discovered.

What do smart girls like us want?

Since delving into this untapped arena, we’ve found that most girls:

  • Knew what they SHOULD be doing
  • Were having a very good crack at it
  • Were relieved to hear they were in good financially-challenged company.

It’s not about intelligence or ‘not being good at financial stuff’, but more that we are faced with a culture that deals and speaks in a foreign language that is often (let’s be honest)… a trifle unappealing!

So what is stopping us?

  • Work or study
  • Credit card debt
  • The weekend-to-weekend cycle
  • Not knowing where to start
  • Not knowing what to do
  • No accountability for our financial actions or lack of discipline
  • A resignation toward living in the now
  • Being sucked in by consumer and media ideals and marketing
  • Emotional spending (therapy!)
  • Living above our means
  • Losing track of our finances
  • A fear of budgeting
  • Easy access to ATMs, credit cards
  • Partying!!

We know what we don’t want…

  • To be five,10, 20 years down the track and no further ahead
  • To live an eternal earn-to-spend lifestyle
  • To not have the savings to support a family down the track
  • To stumble on in financial oblivion while others race ahead
  • To not have back-up funds to support friends, families or ourselves in need

We know what we want…

  • Confidence in our ability to save and invest
  • A new attitude to saving and finance
  • Investment and savings for our children’s future
  • A plan towards the lifestyle we dream of
  • To have a short-term emergency cash fund, should (touch wood) anything go sideways
  • To not have to rely on parents, relatives or friends for loans or support
  • To watch our money and investments blossom
  • Having money do the work for us – passive income!
  • To do what we love and are passionate about
  • To be able to afford time out to work for charity

So the 10thousandgirl Campaign is offering support for young women to get our personal finances together in a way that’s fun, interactive and motivating.

And what are girls saying about the recent Life Planning Workshops?

Hi Zoe,

Thanks so much for all of the effort that you put into our workshop. I got a huge amount out of it and what was most suprising for me, was that I got clarity on a few things that I have needed to workout for quite sometime. I had a really brilliant day and my head is still buzzing with many of my thoughts, I can’t wait to get started on things and look forward to updates from the program.

Have a great weekend, cheers

What are girls saying in response to the Phase 2 Life Planning Workshops held over 2010?

“We were there to have our brains picked, our financial wisdom scrutinised and our dreams broken down into attainable, doable steps. It was close to being the most productive eight hours of my life, and that’s saying something. The workshop taught me more about myself, my hopes and dreams than any book has ever taught me.”

“Please please run another workshop in Melbourne, I’ve just heard about you guys and can’t wait to get involved and moving towards my own goals”

“Was so great to meet everyone at the workshop today – I now have a lot to think about, but really excited to start working towards my plan for the future.”

“It was a very personal day, lots of thinking about yourself and what you want out of life. Sometimes makes you think about things you didn’t think you wanted.”

“The workshop far exceeded my expectations as I came expecting some tips on money and left with something far greater…the inspiration to look at my life and what I really want and the skill… set to go about actioning and achieving those dreams… thank you.“

“Uh oh, I think I caught the 10thousand girl bug at yesterdays workshop! I woke up at 5am this morning with my mind going a million miles an hour… I eventually had to get up and find paper, pen, and my workbook, and spent the next 2 hours writing pages and pages on plans, goals, timelines, dreams, inspirations, gratitudes and to do lists!”

“I feel a renewed strength to live this beautiful life”

“Thanks so much… I feel like the course was like a good movie – you know it was good and impacted you when you can’t stop thinking about it!”

“I am still buzzing with ideas from our Saturday session – Thank you Zoe and thanks girls!! On Monday, I got the girls in the office to consolidate their super.. and gave a quick run down on compound interest!! If anyone reading this is thinking of taking part – just do it!”

“Eye opening, productive, inspiring.”

“I expected the workshop to be more finance focused and was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t. I thought it was fantastic that it was mainly goal focused and finances are secondary.”

“Thank you so much Zoe and the fabulous group of girls at the Sydney workshop on Saturday. Very inspiring and a great day! I loved listening to everyone’s opinions – we’re all so different! I really enjoyed the group activities and finding out more about me and of course learning what I need to do to look after my future. Thanks again people :)

This is me! I want this and I’m ready to make waves. Register for a workshop or set up a GIG (Girl Investment Group) to go through a fun and interactive 10 month Personal Finance Program with your friends.

Life Planning Workshop

Get a life and finance makeover ..and a beauty makeover! The first series of one day Life Planning Workshops are being held at Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy venues in capital cities from February to June 2010.

More info and register now

Personal Finance Program

Find out more about the one year Personal Finance Program. Available from June 2010, we're looking for girls to jump on the boat early. Provide feedback on each of the modules and receive your program free!

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