GIGs (Girl Investment Groups)

10thousandgirl is currently launching a revised GIG program, get involved! 

The fun bookclub-like GIG (Girl Investment Group) program supports you and girlfriends, workmates or new 10thousandgirl friends to complete the 10thousandgirl Personal Finance Program. The aim is to learn the principles behind personal finance and investing in an engaging, supportive and light-hearted environment.

GIGs are all about learning the life and finance skills we need to know but often didn’t learn at home or at school. Supported by interactive webinars, videos and beautiful workbook materials, 10thousandgirl supplies the Personal Finance Program with an agenda and learning materials for each meeting, and you let your group know what time and who’s bringing tea, treats or wine.

Financially empower yourself while 10% of your program fees go toward providing a microloan for a woman to start a new business and lift herself and her family out of poverty. Pretty inspiring!



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What are GIGS?

GIGs are groups of 6-8 women supporting each other to complete a six module Personal Finance Program whilst contributing to microfinance. The objective is to stimulate conversation, action and learning around planning our lives and best managing our personal finances – building our own financial confidence and wellbeing whilst creating a Ripple Effect of women’s financial empowerment globally.

By the end of the Personal Finance Program you will be grinning from ear to ear, with;

  • an inspiring personal plan with clear financial goals,
  • a reviewed and refreshed money management system, 
  • a good understanding of concepts that help you with saving and debt,
  • comfort around your super, wills and insurance,
  • increased understanding of the basics behind investing in cash, property and shares,
  • progress toward completing your personal Money Action Plan (MAP),
  • a new feeling of confidence to have money conversations, and
  • a strengthened personal and professional support network.

The benefits of doing the Personal Finance Program with your peer run GIG (Girl Investment Group) is that everyone’s learning is fast tracked through the supportive group learning and sharing environment. There’s also the added bonus of accountability – let’s be honest, just like a bootcamp it’s far more likely you get the most of out it if you’ve committed to your group. 

How does the program work? What does it include?

10TG Personal Finance Folder_FRONT

Personal Finance Folder

Each time your GIG meets, together you’ll complete a module of the 10thousandgirl Personal Finance Program. An agenda packed with learning outcomes, tips, case studies, resources, practical exercises, talking points and expert videos will guide your GIG through each Module.

Each GIG member receives a Personal Finance Folder with with checklists, reflection sheets, templates, planning tools and resource materials to follow along so you’re building your own personal plan as you go.

For additional support, your GIG is paired with an industry mentor who can attend all or some of your meetings (up to you!). National webinars are available at different times for further Q&A online.


How much does the program cost?

Depending on your group size, the program costs between $150-230. The total cost for a GIG with 6-8 members to complete the 10thousandgirl Personal Finance Program is $2000 so we pair your GIG with a Mentor who chips in $600 and you as GIG members need $1400 (approx $150-230 each depending on your group size). 

How are program fees used? 10% goes toward providing a $200 microloan (see more about microfinance at the bottom of page) and the rest pays your program fees which include;

  • the fun six module 10thousandgirl Personal Finance Program designed for women,
  • Personal Finance Folders with printed educational materials for each GIG member,
  • online learning platform to access learning materials and communicate with your GIG,
  • access to a local financial services professional Mentor, and
  • telephone and email support. 

We understand that not everyone may have the funds right away to pay for their place in the program, (you are looking to add some sparkle to your finances after all!) so we have set up an online payment tool so you can chip in to pay for your program materials and microfinance contribution or you can get your parents, siblings, partner, grandparents or boss to chip in. For example, if you chip in $60 and get two or three people who love you and care about your financial wellbeing to do the same, you’re there! Remember those who support you may also check in on how you’re doing …adding a bit more cheeky accountability.

For more, visit or see an example of how GIGs are funded.

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How often do we meet? How long is the program?

The core Personal Finance Program is 6 x 2.5 hour meetings which cover the life planning and personal finance basics. You can meet weekly (over 6 weeks), fortnightly (over 12 weeks) or monthly (over 6 months). If after that you’re interested in getting further into the nitty gritty around property investing, starting in shares or creating a business, your group can continue to meet using the ongoing elective modules.



Where do we meet?

You can meet wherever is comfortable – at someone’s home, workplace, a community centre or quiet public space.


Who’s it for?

By joining a GIG (Girl Investment Group) you and friends and workmates can pool knowledge and resources, learn from each other’s questions and keep each other motivated and on track with your own plans and personal finances, whilst helping others at the same time. Whether you:

  • Are 18 or 55
  • Have never really delved into your finances before or are savvy and interested and looking for a fun way to keep motivated and inspired
  • Are carrying some debt
  • Have some money tucked away
  • Have investments well underway
  • Like to feel confident and secure in your decisions
  • Are looking for a like minded crew to learn and network with

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 How am I supporting microfinance by joining a GIG?

For each GIG, a microloan of $200 is provided for a woman in a neighbouring country who doesn’t have access to traditional lending institutes. The loan is provided along with business training until she can set up an income stream supporting herself, her family and in some cases employing others in the community. 10thousandgirl is partnering with Opportunity International to provide microloans.




Life Planning Workshop

Get a life and finance makeover ..and a beauty makeover! The first series of one day Life Planning Workshops are being held at Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy venues in capital cities from February to June 2010.

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Personal Finance Program

Find out more about the one year Personal Finance Program. Available from June 2010, we're looking for girls to jump on the boat early. Provide feedback on each of the modules and receive your program free!

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