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Industry Partnership Opportunities Available Now: increasing our capacity to empower women through education


Who we are

10thousandgirl is committed to financially enabling women. The 10thousandgirl GIG (Girl Investment Group) and Life Planning Workshop programs are designed around the unique and specific financial awareness and communication needs of women.


Partnership objective

A long term partnership which enables repeat engagement in young women’s long term financial decision making and behavioural change. Involvement in the 10thousandgirl Campaign allows you to create and strengthen relationships with women across Australia during key decision making phases.


Database alignment

10thousandgirl’s experience indicates that a high proportion of participants are seeking financial products and services post attending the 10thousandgirl program:

  • 70% want information or investment advice on property, both homes and investments

  • 40% are reviewing their insurance needs for either themselves or their family

  • 70% are in the process of consolidating or reviewing their superannuation options

  • 30% open a high interest savings account and a further 30% increase their regular payments

  • 15% actively consolidate or increase their debt repayments.


By providing women with information to make informed decisions, the 10thousandgirl program arms women with the know-how and confidence to take action on their goals and plans.


Partnership options

  1. Life Planning Workshop Series

  2. Girl Investment Group (GIG) Module Partner

  3. *Special Project Partner

*Special projects could involve undertaking a joint research or online community development project or providing bursaries for women in difficult circumstances to undertake the program.


Next step

To arrange a meeting to discuss a partnership in more detail, please contact Zoe Lamont on 0419 622 968 or email Further details can be found on the website  


What actions do women take following the programs?

Here’s a list of actions women in Wagga Wagga, NSW pledged to take following a one day Life Planning Workshop: 

  •          Make a budget

  •          Set three goals

  •          Manage my money

  •          Stop spending on unnecessary items

  •          Stick to a budget

  •          Finish projects I start

  •          Get a financial plan in place

  •          Account for incidental exposure

  •          Consider my goals in the short term as strategy for long term success

  •          Contact a financial planner

  •           Plan a meeting with financial planner

  •          Keep writing down goals

  •          Make a detailed plan

  •          Call a financial planner

  •          See financial adviser

  •          Speak to people. Research goals

  •          Make a budget and stick to it

  •          Speak to family about accountants etc to start investing

  •          Set goals

  •          Complete  business course

  •          Look at income insurance

  •          Start making a life plan and goal and achieve them

  •          More productive in creative sense

  •          Save money (from not buying unnecessary items) through budgeting

  •          Be more grateful and give more compliments

  •          Review my goals monthly

  •          Tick off mini goals

  •          Monitor and budget my spending

  •          Ring Sharon for financial planning

  •          Exercise willpower re: saving

  •          Organize a catch-up night to see how we’ve all ‘acted’

  •          Financial goals.

  •          Community service contacts

  •          Complete booklet/clarify review

  •          Enforce my budgeting

  •          Arrange automatic deductions each fortnight for predictable bills

  •          Look at superseeker

  •          Spend more time looking at my spending plan

  •          Save harder

  •          Be more proactive about working overseas


Thank you for your interest and support. We hope you join us in expanding the Ripple Effect… 

Life Planning Workshop

Get a life and finance makeover ..and a beauty makeover! The first series of one day Life Planning Workshops are being held at Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy venues in capital cities from February to June 2010.

More info and register now

Personal Finance Program

Find out more about the one year Personal Finance Program. Available from June 2010, we're looking for girls to jump on the boat early. Provide feedback on each of the modules and receive your program free!

Click here for more info

Share Your Inspiration

Get involved in the discussion! Looking to build your writing portfolio? We're looking for active blog contributors with all kind of fun and exciting rewards and incentives, you'll play an integral part in collating stories and helping us all stay in tune and inspired.
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