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Global Entrepreneurship Week: Zoe Lamont


Regret Nothing interviews 10thousandgirl Founder Zoe Lamont about all thing entrepreneurial as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012

Zoe Lamont is most well known for her work developing 10thousandgi Girl, a financial literacy program designed to empower women in both rural and metropolitan regions across Australia.  She has also been behind a number of other social ventures including a project to assist Burmese illegal migrant children along the Thai-Burmese border, Senator Online an internet based political party, and her newest start up Future Map which is a financial literacy program designed for the workplace.  She has traveled the globe to 47 different countries and has also had experience as a panelist and speaker and is passionate about progression and making a social impact.

Zoe shares her her story of an entrepreneur below in this inspiring interview.


“Success is if you set out to do something, and you do it….action is a catalyst for progression in society.”

” Anyone who is an entrepreneur or is interested in the entrepreneurial world, knows that no day is the same.”

You can find out more about Zoe’s ventures here  www.10thousandgirl.com and here www.futuremap.com.au

Bio: Alison Gallagher is a ‘creative communicator’ and Program Coordinator for Regret Nothing, a financial engagement program for young people aimed at making finance fun! She is also an actor and meditation teacher and enjoys inspiring others to help make the world a better place.

Episode #008: Larissa Zimmerman on Relationships and Money


Episode 8 of the 10thousandgirl podcast covers the topics of relationships, finance and money. These can be occasionally sensitive, but very important aspects in a serious relationship. Today’s guest is Larissa Zimmerman of National Financial Fitness and she shares with us some awesome nuggets of information!

We discuss subjects covering financial fitness, compound interest, health, BFAs (Binding Financial Agreements), self worth versus net worth, how to tackle discussions around sensitive topics, STDs (Sexually Transmitted Debt) and sex, money and communication (yes, there is sex-related talk included so listen at your discretion!).

Right click to download or listen below (approx 37 mins):

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Our new series of Link Ups are starting and kicking off with Canberra on Saturday 18th August 2012. Link ups are practical, fun and interactive 3 hour session exploring ways to create and achieve your financial goals in a grounded, light-hearted setting. Learn easy ways to improve and proactively manage your personal finances whilst networking with like-minded women.

To see the full list of upcoming Link Ups and events please go here.

Featured 10thousandgirl guest: Larissa Zimmerman

Born dead, Larissa is now described as having been hit by lightning and retained the energy, the Energiser Bunny and a Wild Woman. She just believes her energy comes from working out what’s important in life and knowing how to manage the mundane necessities. Coming from a broken home and buying her first property at 21, at age 30 Larissa chose to work two days per week.

Now, with much life experience, Larissa is the Director of National Financial Fitness (the Barry Humphries version of financial literacy) and Your Money Mistress (the Dame Edna version). Her professional yet humorous delivery of sometimes sensitive issues has her frequently requested to deliver training. She has personally trained thousands of people, from primary school age to seniors. Twice selected to represent the Australian Army overseas, as well as Rotary International, Larissa is well versed to relate with all ages across many cultures.

An international speaker and author, Larissa has a Diploma in Financial Services in the stream of Consumer Education, possibly being the only Australian to study this stream. She has worked with Federal, State and Local Government agencies, private and community organisations, as well as numerous high schools and small business owners.

Her passions include creating her own future, seeing the funny side to life, waking people up to live their dreams, riding her motorbike, dancing, trying almost anything new, anything to do with chocolate, travelling and finding a way to do all these at once. Between her radio shows and developing an eco friendly home, she looks forward to being your entertainment!

Featured Links
Find out more about Larissa and the work she does via her National Financial Fitness website or if you want to get a little more risque with whipping your wallet into shape go here!

Here is the link to some of the free resources Larissa discusses.

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Episode #007: Marina Passalaris from Beautiful Minds about being beautiful inside and out


Welcome to episode seven of our podcast series!

Right click to download or listen below (approx 30 mins):

Today’s guest is Marina Passalaris, founder of teen program Beautiful Minds. Starting  7 years ago in Queensland she has educated over 1,000 girls.  Beautiful Minds is no ordinary grooming course, as Marina Passalaris (Director) and her team of professional trainers, educate young girls on a number of subjects like, public speaking, confidence, first impressions, remembering names, leadership skills, make up artistry, self esteem, hair styling, body issues, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, friendships and relationships, setting up boundaries, music therapy, social etiquette, resume writing, money skills and budgeting, wardrobe styling and fashion, photo shoot, social media etiquette and more….

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20th May 2012 – Sydney
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Featured 10thousandgirl guest: Marina Passalaris

Marina has over 10 years experience in the entertainment industry as both a makeup artist,grooming and deportment educator and well known events organiser and host. Having worked in the industry in Australia and overseas, Marina has a wealth of knowledge in the grooming field.

Beautiful Minds is a life changing grooming, etiquette and life skills course for teenage girls. The course increases girl’s confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills.

Featured Links
Find out more about Marina and Beautiful Minds via the Website or Facebook.

Upcoming Workshop

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