NIKE says “just do it”, I say “do it NOW!”

Posted: 06.18.2012

The most important thing you can do for your now and your future is to see a financial adviser NOW!!!  Don’t wait until you are rich, until you have an issue, until you get a payrise, until you pay down that credit card….see someone as soon as you can.

So many people that visit me I can help from where they are, but 99.9999% of the time I wish they had come to see me earlier.  Usually people come when they have an issue – going through a divorce, referred their Mum who is now widowed but Mum didn’t know what the situation was with the finances and now it is a disaster, or my partner has cancer and we didn’t have insurance.  The list goes on.

The amount of setbacks to people’s financial position through mistakes, or years lost by not starting to do something earlier puts pressure on their ability to accrue enough for what they want in the short term, the medium term and eventually the long term retirement plan.  But imagine how much just $20/wk invested for 52 weeks of the year ($1,040) for 40 years at 7% growth, this would equal around $212,881. It’s only one bottle of wine less a week and $20 years from now won’t probably even buy you a glass of wine.

Imagine if this money was actually paid through the Govt co-contribution and you didn’t have to pay for it yourself.  There are many opportunities to make your money stretch further and time is one of the key components.

I had a gentlemen visit me last week and I was so sad to see that because he didn’t seek advice, he paid an enormous amount of capital gains tax and has his situation structured incorrectly that costs him money each and every day.  Apart from the financial consequences, he is also stressed because of the situation and lacks direction and focus.

If people can set the foundations of their financial life early then it is easy to build from there.  If the foundations aren’t secure then as soon as something happens there are financial consequences.  “Ah, but I’m too young” I hear you say.  Never.  Little things for a long period of time can often have a better effect on your financial position than drastic risky measures that you are forced to take because you didn’t manage money well previously.

Deborah Visser said “I thought financial advice was only for the rich until I met you”.    Seek advice early because preventing someone from making mistakes is just as good as seeing investments grow.  Having a personal plan in place can see you reach your goals, keep you accountable and allow you to enjoy what you dream and hope for – because it is planned for and you now have certainty and control.

Helen is the founder of “On Your Own Two Feet”.


The advice may not be suitable to you because it contains general advice that has not been tailored to your personal circumstances. Please seek personal financial advice prior to acting on this information.

Helen Baker is a financial adviser with Godfrey Pembroke Ltd Adelaide St Brisbane.   Helen has also worked in the UK, USA and Europe for companies such as Reckitt and Colman, ie music and the Robbie Williams’ management team,StageAccess and Comshows.  She has a Diploma in Financial Planning, a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters in Innovation and Change Management.

Helen Baker of R.J.B International Pty Ltd is an Authorised Representative of Godfrey Pembroke Limited, Australian Financial Services Licensee and member of the National Australia Bank Group of Companies, with its Registered Office at 105-153 Miller St North Sydney NSW 2060.  License number 336378 of GPL 230690

Contact details:  Helen@GPFAS.COM.AU or phone 07 3123 6947

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