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Posted: 11.08.2011

Dear 10thousandgirl Readers,

In today’s world of immediate communication, facebook posts, emails and tweets are at the forefront of how we speak to each other and the world. They definitely play their role well in productivity and entertainment but does it have to be at the expense of ‘forgotten’ ways of connecting?

Did you have a pen pal in your school days? Remember how exciting it was to go to the mailbox to see if you had received a communiqué? You’d rip open the battered envelope, fold open the pages, see how many of them there were then start reading the shaky words of someone from the other side of the world (hmmm, I wonder what happened to Pawel from Poland…).

Did you write a love letter to your first boyfriend and seal it with a lipsticked kiss after liberally applying a mist of your favourite perfume on it? Remember how it felt to pour your thoughts out on paper?

The benefits of writing letters are plentiful. It is a physical record – a keepsake. It shows someone you’ve put in some time and effort in communicating with them. Letters are fun to send and to receive. It is a great way to express yourself. And the walk to the letterbox is now filled with anticipation instead of resigned acceptance that it is probably full of junk mail and bills.

How about bringing these handwritten letter traditions back?

Let’s slow down. Let’s reengage with some of these wonderful customs. Let’s get some gorgeous stationary. Ask our friends what their postal addresses. Then pen a letter. Or a thank you card. I guarantee it will be a wonderful surprise for the recipient! What a wonderful way it is to show someone you’ve been thinking about them.

Get creative! Add glitter or some scented leaves to the folds of the letter’s pages. Write in a coloured pen or on the back of a photo. Find a beautiful stamp and decorate the envelope. Recently I went to England and spent the weekend in Bath. We visited The Jane Austen Centre. While there I bought a wax seal with my initial on it which inspired me around this topic.

Do you need more inspiration? Check out:
+ Samara O’Shea’s blog ‘Letter Lover’
+ ‘Handwritten Letters’ a site dedicated to them and the emotions they instill
+ While the project has closed ‘Snail Mail My Email’ has some great letter examples
+ Ooooooh! Mysterious Letters aims to write a loveletter to everyone in the world one town at a time
+ Pen Pal sites seem to be popping up quite a bit. See here and here and here
+ A Passion for Letters
+ A heartfelt story of a little girl’s writing legacy.

We may just build a new relationship with that mailbox!

Now off to write my first handwritten letter in a long time…

Happy writing all! Feel free to write us a letter (we will adore you even more) at:

The 10thousandgirl Campaign
C/O 84 Justin Street
Lilyfield NSW 2040

Sincerely Yours,


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